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Xiha connects the people of the world through a multilingual, cross-cultural exchange.

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well i finally found that special someone he is so amazing he is my superman and im his louis lane. I luv u Tyler!!!!
1 minutos atrás
vicici commented on status update by vicici: "I AM NOT HIS GF OK I DONT KNOW WHO HE IS SO CALM THEF**K DOWN. OK HE ISNT MY BF HE WISHES BUT HE ISNT"
About an hour ago   Traduzir
brandon e vicici agora são amigos!
About an hour ago
Shabine commented profile of Shabine: "Sorry nikita I not at home right now"
nikita commented profile of Shabine: "can we skype plz"
clap a long if you feel like happy this the truth , because I'm Happy :D
cerca de 2 horas atrás
nikita commented on status update by Lillian : "hi do u have skype"
cerca de 4 horas atrás   Traduzir
Linda Flores, Sr. respondeu ao tópico de fórum "How often do you goU...".
cerca de 4 horas atrás
jevon commented on status update by vicici: "vicici can i hav yr # jus 2 text"
cerca de 5 horas atrás   Traduzir
Freakin bored someone talk to me lol
cerca de 8 horas atrás

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